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  • Learn the grip all pros use to hit serves 130mph
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  • Learn how to avoid one of the major pitfalls when it comes to switching grips
  • Get my pre-match serving warm up routine that will have you holding serve right out the gate

FREE Tennis Instruction Videos

The Rafa Swinging Forehand

Do you ever wonder what to do with those high floaters in the middle of the court? I mean should you … [Read More...]

Thurs Night Chalk Talk

The Confidence Factor Live at 8:30 pm Eastern With USPTA Elite Professional Peter Freeman Want … [Read More...]

How to Play Winning Doubles Live Webinar

LIVE FEB 6th THURS NIGHT 8:30 EASTERN Grab your partner and walk away with secret sauce formulas … [Read More...]


2014 Australian Open Preview and Predictions

The 2014 Australian Open starts tomorrow and I am so excited. Each year I give you a preview of the … [Read More...]

vamos rafa new coach

2014 Australian Open Preview: Does Rafa Nadal Need a New Coach?

Does Rafa Nadal Need a New Coach? Now before the Rafa Nadal fans get upset about the idea of … [Read More...]


Can Edberg Help Roger Federer?

    There is something interesting going on in men's tennis lately on the ATP Tour. … [Read More...]

how to buy a tennis racket in 2014

How to Buy a Tennis Racket in 2014

Many tennis players ask me, how do I buy a tennis racket? Buying a tennis racket is a very important … [Read More...]


Tues Tennis Tip: Tennis Vs Football

Today's tennis lesson will teach you how to play better tennis in match situations. Today we compare … [Read More...]


Join Us Live Tomorrow

Free New Live at Home Tennis Workouts today at 8:30 pm Get in your best playing shape ever in … [Read More...]


Tennis Tips: John Newcombe Show Sneaky Return of Serve Tactic John Newcombe gives a great tennis … [Read More...]


Murphy Jensen Explains What Roger Federer Thinks Under Pressure Murphy explains what Roger Federer is … [Read More...]


Tennis tips: Best Slice Serve Drill in the World Enjoy this free serving course I … [Read More...]


Serving lesson: What is Continental Grip

In today's beginner tennis lesson we explain what the continental grip is in tennis and why you must … [Read More...]


Serving Lesson: Why do you need Continental Grip

In today's tennis lesson we take a look at why you need to have a continental grip on your serve. It … [Read More...]


How to master the slice serve: Beginner Tennis Tips

I love the slice serve. In today's beginner tennis lesson how to hit a slice serve I am dedicating … [Read More...]


How to Serve in Tennis: The Two Face Drill

In today's tennis lesson we show you a great little drill to help you start serving your first week … [Read More...]


Tennis Tips: Rules of Serving

In today's tennis lesson we explain the Rules of Serving in tennis so you can go play a match in … [Read More...]


Pete’s Forehand Form: Beginner Tennis Tips

In today's beginner tennis tip we take a look at my forehand ground stroke. I am breaking down from … [Read More...]


Beginner Tennis Lessons: medicine ball backhand…how to hit a proper backhand

Today's beginner tennis lesson is really going to help you hit a smooth two handed backhand. I call … [Read More...]


Beginner Tennis Lessons: tennis is not golf…tennis footwork example

Hey tennis players, in today's beginner tennis lesson, I give you one of my most valuable tennis … [Read More...]

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